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The following work was presented at the IEEE International Conference on Integration of Knowledge Intensive Multi-Agent Systems (KIMAS), held in Boston/Cambridge, MA, USA:
A Toolkit for the Search of the Most General Interpretable Hypotheses.
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Health Informatics
Genomics, Proteomics, Molecular design
Information Technology
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Database Development and Mining
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a database of peptide fragments of proteins with known 3D structures.
a program to automatically encode 3D structures of proteins into their 1D conformational profiles.
a package of programs aimed to determine the most probable local conformations of proteins and peptides based on the combined use of NMR data with information on local structures extracted from Protein Data Bank (PDB).
The Metadata-Driven Online Registry Generator (mdORG) is a set of tools to simplify creation, maintenance, and future upgrades of HIPAA-compliant, metadata-driven disease-specific registries.
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