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Nebraska Informatics Center for the Life Sciences (NICLS)

The Center facilitates the integration of the biocomputing/informatics disciplines with the life sciences and coordinates cross-campus and state-wide efforts in bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, pharmacoinformatics, computational chemistry, and computational biology. Presently, more than 40 faculty members from the three University of Nebraska member campuses and Creighton University are participating in the work of NICLS.

The partnership PROGENOMIX and NICLS provides a framework to pursue educational and cooperative projects. The parties will engage in instructional and research activities to benefit their mutual interests.

University of Nebraska’s Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI)

The Peter Kiewit Institute in Omaha is designed to help meet the needs of the nation’s technology and engineering firms by providing a top-flight education to students interested in pursuing careers in information science, technology and engineering.

The primary area of activities through the partnership between PROGENOMIX and PKI will be promoting the interface of information science and technology with biomedical research. The parties intend to create an alliance for the purpose of advancing current knowledge in the area of biomedical research and database development.
This partnership will allow for an extensive interdisciplinary set of courses tied to the biomedical computing research. Data collection and methods analysis, data visualization, computing environment, and applied business solutions are areas of potential curricular development.

PROGENOMIX will assist in coordinating and developing instructional activities for and with other departments and colleges as appropriate within the University of Nebraska system. In addition to curriculum development, PROGENOMIX will be actively involved in the independent studies, cooperative education, and internship efforts.

TurboMarket Corporation

TurboMarket Corporation is an Internet based application service provider that has created a whole specter of Distribution Portals, the leading end-to-end solution for supply chains.
PROGENOMIX was involved in the development of this web-based application and currently represents TurboMarket Corporation in the Nebraska. The goal of the partnership between PROGENOMIX and TurboMarket is to provide the eServices that allow small to medium size distributors to interact effectively with the buyers and suppliers via the Internet.

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